Why should students have to make notes in class?

Why should makes notes in class

Why should students have to make notes in class?

Most of the time students overestimate themselves and feel that making notes is a waste of time but wait its not at all true.

  • 1. Memory may be unreliable and may let you down.
  • 2. Notes provide a summary from where to study.
  • 3. Notes expand on the information in the textbook. Instructors and class discussions add real life ideas, examples and explanations.
  • 4. Writing notes develop your own note making style, so that your notes make sense to you when you review them at home. Think of your notes as an outline.

Tips to make your own notes :-

  • • Always use headings and subheadings
  • • List items 1, 2, 3
  • • Use phrases or words instead of titles.
  • • Note examples with a one word reminder.
  • • Develop your own short forms.
  • • Don’t spend time writing your notes to make them look better.
  • • As long as they make sense to you, that’s what important.
  • • Don’t try to write every word, go for main ideas.

Note making is all about active listening in class. Listen and watch signals that will help you to select main ideas, for example the instructor may:

  • • Repeat a point several times.
  • • Speak loudly to emphasize.
  • • Write on board.

What to do with the notes?

Review your notes the same day. The class is still fresh in your mind, and you can add to your notes if you need to. Recalling material everyday signals brain that that this material must be stored for future use.

What would Notes Do?

One of the reasons students have trouble taking effective notes is that they’re not really sure what notes are for.
The purpose of note-taking is simple: to help you study better and more quickly.

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Webo Pedian

Webo Pedian

Very helpfull

prachi sarode

prachi sarode

Students make notes because our concept will be clear. The student develops his small forms. Because when they go to study at that time their concept will be clear and better understood. Despite that, he writes his words in his thoughts.

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